White Papers

Crossover Filter Types


We look at crossover filters in general while considering the advantages that Linea Research's new linear phase filter has over the more traditional types.

High Pass Filters


In this paper, we look at the positioning of a high-pass filter in a two-way system, and draw conclusions about correct positioning.

Balanced Connections


This discussion concerns the various types of 'balanced' output circuits along with some of their major advantages and disadvantages.

Damping Factor Debunked


Explains why you should not be too concerned about the effect an amplifier's damping factor on the performance of a system.

PFC - LR's Position

Discusses why, at least when it comes to amplifiers, that there is more to PFC than may be appreciated.

How to set limiters

An explanation of limiting and how to setup limiters for the best system protection and sound quality.

LIR Linear Phase Crossovers



Discover Linea Research's LIR Linea Phase crossover filter technology.