Linea Research Announce Ampco Flashlight Sales as Distributor for Benelux

Letchworth, UK – January 2024 Linea Research Announce Ampco Flashlight Sales as Distributor in Benelux ~

Linea Research, a leading innovator in high-power amplification and DSP solutions for the audio industry, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Ampco Flashlight Sales as their distributor in Benelux.

The collaboration between Linea Research and Ampco Flashlight Sales signifies a commitment to providing the Benelux market with unparalleled audio solutions and reinforces both companies’ dedication to advancing the audio industry.


About Ampco Flashlight Sales:

Ampco Flashlight Sales is part of the Ampco Flashlight Group, based in the Netherlands. Renowned in the professional audio and lighting industry, Ampco Flashlight brings a history of over five decades providing high-quality services and products to the entertainment and live events sector in Audio, Lighting, Rigging and Motion covering rental, sales, installation and product development.

They are a trusted partner for European event organisers, production companies and touring professionals.

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