Re-Production Relies on Linea Research Touring Amplifiers

Bristol, UK—September 2019…From its bases in Suffolk and Bristol, Re-Production Productions Ltd delivers complete event production equipment and services, including sound, lighting, DJ and band equipment rentals, and more. Re-Production handles events of all sizes, including large indoor and outdoor shows, which requires efficient, high-quality, versatile equipment. These are just a few of the reasons Re-Production owner and director Andrew Corrigan chose Linea Research 48M10 and 44M20 touring amplifiers.

“We discovered Linea Research through other production companies that recommended them,” offers Corrigan. “We picked Linea for many reasons. We were reluctant to move on from our old, heavy Class H amplifiers, but Linea Research can really match the sound quality, and the power for the size of the amp is incredible. We like how the power doesn’t drop off compared to old constantly rated amplifiers; Linea Research amps can sustain long bass notes with no issue. We also find the Linea amps sound a lot warmer in the mids and highs than other Class D amplifiers, which is quite often where those amps fall apart.”

Optimized for live sound applications, Linea Research 44M Series amplifiers provide four channels of pure Class D amplification with a full front panel user interface, Ethernet networking for system operation and monitoring, and analog, AES3, and optional Dante/AES67 digital network audio. The amps incorporate precise 96 kHz digital signal processing and offer powerful grouping and multi-layer EQ. The 44M20 that Re-Production favors is the largest 44M Series model, delivering up to 5,000 watts RMS per channel into 2 ohms with all four channels driven.

The 48M Series are eight-channel models with essentially the same features as the 44M Series. Again, Re-Production chose the largest model in the series, the 48M10, which drives up to 1,250 watts RMS per channel into 2 ohms with all eight channels driven.

“We were really impressed with the amount of DSP built into the amps,” reports Corrigan. “We could run all of our different systems in one amp rack with minimal effort. The versatility is amazing; I am yet to need a feature that the amps do not have, and I know there are plenty that I don’t even use! We use Funktion-One loudspeaker systems, and I find it especially useful being able to send out a fairly large and versatile system with just one amp.”

Re-Production’s Linea Research amplifiers proved their reliability at demanding outdoor events. “We used them for 12 hours straight on one of the hottest days of the year at St Paul’s Carnival, running off a rubbish power supply, and they didn’t miss a beat,” details Corrigan. “There was still plenty more power if we needed it! We only have broken one amp, which was done by stupidly shorting the output. This was fixed within two days, and we didn’t miss a show.”

While sound quality, reliability, versatility, efficiency, and features are major reasons that Corrigan chose Linea Research, there was more to his decision than the products themselves. “The most important aspect for us is that Linea Research is a smaller, friendly company based in the UK,” he states. “Everyone knows you when you phone up, and the support and service is second to none. We plan to double our stock of Linea Research amplifiers in the next few months, and we don’t see ourselves changing from Linea Research for a very long time! We are glad to be part of the family.”